Industerial Projects

Title: Production of dyeable polyethylene therephtalate (PET) fibers with cationic dyes during the melt spinning process

Contract owner: Research and Technology Vice President of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

Status: Finished at 2015

Title: Study on the production of flame retardant polyethylene therephtalate (PET) fibers using nanoclays,

Contract owner: Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council

Status: Finalizing stage

Title: Comprehensive study on the improvement, correction and technology development of fiber production process and their recycling

Contract owner: Deputy of Training, Research and Technology of the Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade.

Status: Finished at 2005

Title: Production of low linear density polypropylene filament yarn (apparel usage) for the first time in Iran

Contract owner: Parsilon Company (Khoram Abad-Iran)

Status: Finished at 2007