Successful year for Yazd University

The Director of Technology Affairs of the Yazd University announced a report on the performance of the research units to improve the performance of them in contracting research projects and receieving more than 30 billion IRR and 400% increase in credits over the past year.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Tavanie said: “The year 1396 was a successful year for universities’ research units. The attraction of financial credits has been significant due to the research projects contracts. He added that last year, at the same time, the five-year performance report was presented, and we showed a significant falling of the credits comparing to previous years. But this year, our colleagues at the Yazd University research units performed more and more efforts than previous years, and as a result of this, the dynamics and motivation of the faculty members became more and more, and we were able to conclude contracts with more than 30 billion IRR, which only with compared to last year, it increased by about 400%. “Despite this upgrade, there is still a significant gap with the expectations based on the scientific capacity of the Yazd University, which we hope to …….have more changes in this area next year, with more sympathy and more precise planning,” he said.

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